Diabetes Sucks

It truly does. i am soannoyed with it. Everyone staring at me at church cause they no i am newly diagnosed. its like its contagious to them which it is not its genetic or just a short straw in your dna. :confused:

See, I guess I’m just sick enough to walk around and shake hands and touch everyone. That’ll teach them…lol.

When I was first diagnosed I always felt that those around me were looking at me. When i would grab my meter I would think they were staring at me. Even now when I am at a restaurant I sometimes step outside to check levels. But one intersting thing is that the more I talk to people it seems that someone always has a member of the diabetes club. At work I have 2 guys whose wife had gestestional diabetes, one with a diabatic mother and one with a diabetic husband. Seems like I am surrounded by people who are impacted daily. So maybe those who are looking are also connecting because you never know who around you is linked to diabetes in one way or another.

It does get better after a while and the stares dont bother you as much.

take care and may the force be with you.

It can be normal to be a bit paranoid to start with, but believe me, that will pass. People might judge you (and you and I know they should not - but that is between them and God) especially if you are high at the time and they may smell ketones, or if you are low and sweating horribly they may think you are coming off something - if someone has asked me whether I am coming off something I tell them, yes glucose!

It depends on how open you have been, but IF people are looking at you they are probably a look of sympathy, but really most people are not thinking about anything at all.

If you get trouble, then just pray for these people, and do as Jesus did on the Cross and “bless 'em and forgive 'em, for they know not!”

I pray for you that there God will bring along someone who is also diabetic and experienced in these matters to come alongside you and befriend you and help you through your journey. You never know, there are probably other diabetics in the congregation who are also struggling whom YOU might be there to help.