Diabetes T-Shirts to Raise Awareness and Help the Diabetes Hands Foundation

FiveHumans is an organization out of Seattle, WA. They design some amazing t-shirts around causes such as cancer, heart disease, asthma and diabetes and partner with nonprofits to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sales to them. The Diabetes Hands Foundation (the nonprofit running TuDiabetes, in case you are wondering) and FiveHumans just formed a partnership. Starting Oct. 1, for each diabetes t-shirt sold at FiveHumans, 10% of the sale price will come back to the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

We are very happy about this partnership. Lee Fine, co-founder of FiveHumans (who also has type 1 diabetes) is now a member of TuDiabetes: say hi to him when you get a chance.

This is great news and what I was looking for, Manny.What about T shirts with diabetes supplies art photos on them.Put them on your online shop please and I will pass the news .

Here is the official press release announcing the partnership between the Diabetes Hands Foundation and FiveHumans.

If you want to get a FiveHumans diabetes t-shirt, visit their diabetes t-shirts page.

FiveHumans® and The Diabetes Hands FoundationPartner to Raise Diabetes Awareness
Ignorance is a Curable Disease®

FiveHumans® (www.fivehumans.com) is a company on a mission to cure ignorance of disease through hip, fashionable clothing. The collection supports numerous world-wide causes such as Autism, Cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, and Heart Disease. Through their creativity, FiveHumans launched a complete collection of disease related t-shirts for men and women, as well as a line for children: LittleHumans. Ignite thought while turning heads through hip designs, attention-getting sayings and factual statistics.

FiveHumans is proud to announce their partnership with the Diabetes Hands Foundation. The Diabetes Hands Foundation’s mission is to provide an open space for people touched by diabetes to connect with others in pursuit of a healthy life through support, information and creative expression. They work towards a world where people with diabetes do not feel alone and people without diabetes are well aware of diabetes and its implications at large.

The Diabetes Hands Foundation runs two social networks for people touched by diabetes: TuDiabetes.com, the first ever social network about diabetes (in English) and EsTuDiabetes.com, its sister community (in Spanish). The foundation also runs a number of programs to raise diabetes awareness, such as Word In Your Hand®, Drawing Diabetes and Diabetes Supplies Art.

Through their ongoing efforts, FiveHumans intends to donate as much money as possible to support non-profit organizations. FiveHumans has designated a charitable organization for every cause they support, each of which receives 10% of the sale price of any related product. All the FiveHumans Diabetes Tees will support the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

“We are very excited about the partnership with FiveHumans,” said Manny Hernandez, co-founder of the Diabetes Hands Foundation. “It will help raise diabetes awareness, so that more people can better understand what living with diabetes is like.” Lee Fine, the founder of FiveHumans agrees, “FiveHumans is ‘pumped’ to partner with a cause who shares the same level of passion, and commitment in making a difference.”

There are plenty of other causes for FiveHumans to wrap their t-shirts around, and with their innovative style and top notch apparel, FiveHumans has what it takes to raise awareness by using the power of impressions to help spread knowledge and erase fears and ignorance. Finally, a hip t-shirt with a dual purpose…Style & Cause. Put it on and instantly become an advocate!

About FiveHumans:
In 1999, Lee Fine was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Lee had never felt so alone, so vulnerable, so nervous. He was aware that the situation could have been worse, but the reminder of the fragility of life is mind boggling nonetheless. Since becoming a diabetic, Lee’s life has changed tremendously. It was the final realization that he is only human which enabled him to accept the fact that dealing with the disease would be something he would have to take one day at a time. Rather than becoming a passive victim of his diagnosis, Lee decided to take action and become an advocate of disease awareness through FiveHumans.

FiveHumans tagline is Ignorance is a Curable Disease® - not because they intend to cure the world of ignorance through their own superior intellect, but because they believe that if humans can share their experiences and knowledge collectively about their causes and even their lives, they can begin to bring about awareness. That is why their intent is to spark conversations through their designs, products, and website- any way they can, so that the humans actually affected by a cause are the voice.

About the Diabetes Hands Foundation:
The Diabetes Hands Foundation is the only non-profit focused on connecting people touched by diabetes (diabetics as well as their loved ones) and raising diabetes awareness. The foundation was co-fonded by Manny Hernandez and his wife, Andreina Davila. Manny was diagnosed with LADA diabetes in 2002 and has been wearing an insulin pump since 2005.

The roots of Diabetes Hands Foundation go back to 2006, when the idea of creating a social network for a higher purpose was born, later turning into TuDiabetes.com®, the first social network about diabetes. EstuDiabetes.com (a sister community in Spanish) followed, along with the first diabetes awareness program, Word In Your Hand, which was born within the community. To make their mission possible, they run two online communities, develop diabetes awareness initiatives and work to connect people touched by diabetes at the local level.

Visit www.FiveHumans.com and click on ‘Diabetes’ to become an advocate!

For more information on FiveHumans and the Diabetes Hands Foundation, please contact
Meredith Morville-Reilly of Bella Public Relations, Inc. 212.868.8183 – m.morville@bellapr.com

I looked at those, and they’re cool! I have to decide which one I want though. I also really need a shirt that says “Ignorance is a Curable Disease”…

I love it!! “Ignorance is a Curable Disease”!!!

I am ready to buy my T-shirt:) off to fivehumans:)

i totally dig the t-shirt Manny is wearing, I am off to buy it.

When I was wearing a 24WP, I’d buy either 3x or 4x men’s T-shirts for a moderate fit, 6x or larger if I wanted something nightshirt loose. Based on their T’s being “form fitted”, I’d assume the 2x men’s would fit around a size 18W.

I bought mine!!

Do they ship international?

I believe they do, Jovanni. Somebody else asked elsewhere about shipping to France and FiveHumans confirmed they do ship there.

The folks @ FiveHumans just sent me this link:

How cool is that? We are on the Chicago Sun-Times!!

In case you want to dress up in blue Nov. 14, FiveHumans has designed this very nice t-shirt for men and women in time for WDD.

FiveHumans has just informed me that they will be running a sale on their diabetes shirts for the month of November. All adult shirts will be $19.50 and children’s shirts will be $15.50. The sale started this past Saturday and will runs through all of November.

Remember: for each diabetes t-shirt sold at FiveHumans, 10% of the sale price will come back to the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

We heard from our partners at FiveHumans today. They are going out of business at the end of the month. :frowning:

They are having a “Going Out of Business” sale. All awareness t-shirts @ $9.99 (adult) and $6.99 (children):

10% of the sales of all diabetes awareness t-shirts will still be donated to the Diabetes Hands Foundation once they discontinue the web site at the end of the month.

Sorry to hear that they’ve been affected by the economy.

Is there a direct link so I can view the T shirts. I cannot open the link you indicated above.

Here you go, Connie:


Being a newbie I just saw this shirt and thought “Wow, I NEED one of those” so you cn imagine my frustration t the links not working and then learnign that the company thta made this and other shirts went out of business last year. :frowning: Has anyone else begun to make similar tees?

Not those specific designs, but you can look for “Diabetic Rockstar” on spreadshirt.com or “diabetes” on cafepress.com to find diabetes-related t-shirts. I lucked out in getting my Five Humans shirts during their last month of business; my other d-related T’s are from Diabetic Rockstar (I’m a member there also), JDRF walks, and an event I attended to support the Diabetes Global Handprint.