"Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics subscription cost

I hate not being able to read papers fully. Many that I am interested in only give an unsatisfactory abstract with $$$s for the rest. This particular publication really interested me, so I put in an inquiry on the cost.

2023 personal subscription pricing

Print and online – USA: $1,187

Online only: $1,161

Way too rich for this retiree.

Just complaining, don’t mind me. :imp: :joy:

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Many libraries at universities — and especially if there’s a medical school — have journal subscriptions or e-subscriptions that the public are welcome to read.


In Indiana one can sign up each year for the local JC tech school and pay $25.00 that for some reason gets you offsite access to the library system and all the journals. It is a PITA to do this every year or sometimes (I never know the reason) every six months and the darn constant email reminders to submit my class schedule.

Hey a guy can only sign up for substitute teacher training so many times and not show up before someone says, hum I bet he isn’t coming.