Diabetes Videos by Dr. Bernstein

Besides Amy’s fabulous book on the topic, my favorite book on Diabetes is Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution. Below are links to three great videos of him showing tips on insulin shots:

Here, you can also see him on dLife in a video from last year, where he discusses what constitutes good diabetes control.

Dr. Bernstein is a bit too intense for many people, but if you look beneath the surface, there is incredible wisdom to many of his recommendations. For example, perhaps the best advice is is “laws of small numbers”, the idea being that by minimizing the total insulin dosage necessary to treat diabetes, the risk of any errors is exponentially smaller. Of course, few people are willing to live with his recommended restrictions on diet, etc. but don’t necessarily take everything he has written at face value. Even if we eat more normally, type 1s can reduce our need for insulin be following the rules of high-fiber, more protein, less refined carbs which will reduce the insulin necessary to “normalize” your blood glucose levels, thus reduce the room for errors on the high or low side.

I agree, Scott. He can be a bit intense! Saw that video with the doctor from Joslin, huh? :wink:

Before I was on the pump, I changed my regime of shots based on his recos and (though I was shooting myself up more often), since I started reducing the amount of insulin per shot, I did notice better overall performance.