Diabetic blog week day 2- No sugar added poetry (My New Pump)

My New Pump

My new pump must be nice

it looks awful pretty its case is clear and white

I was told I should get it and I waited for it to arrive
Now it sits awaiting glucose to transcribe

I have called five times and asked for the nurse who is in charge

Each time there is a promise to call right back when she is not at large

Meanwhile my new pump it sits on the shelf not complaining
My new sensors sit alongside awaiting the training

I am an experienced pump user
This new device seems pretty much the same
As I recall with the last one the trainer never came.

I think I am stubborn enough since I started on this road
I refuse to give up I will not break the code.

That trainer will give me her spiel, she will visit me here
I will keep on calling until she calls me back and trains me that is clear

No I do not need her words of wisdom to carry on
It is pretty straight forward in less than an hour she will be gone

I am an experienced user after all, all my settings were available and
And I programed it all already like a preamble

But the guy at the company was pretty much a jerk
When I asked a simple question I was told training is not a perk

Now of course the trainer is too busy to call me back
Three straight days of phone calls left in her stack

I am experienced and I could use it is true
But I am also angry after my talking too

So now I demand the whole spiel
Ignoring my calls is not a good way for her to deal

Because I am mischievous enough to do as I am told
I revel in the fact that calling makes her cold.

My next call is back to the company training officer
To ask why my pump sits in a box
And what good it is doing while I wait for a promised a call to myself

That the company demands I have redundant training is not at all my fault
But not calling me back when she promises sure makes me balk

You see I am angry enough now to demand the trainer follow through
Not calling me back has really made me stew.

I hope it never happens to you. But if it does this is a reminder
Make them follow the rules that they print in the binder



This totally sucks!! They absolutely should be calling you back and getting you trained. I'm so sorry you are going through this.

It really is upsetting when we are given the runaround . What makes me smile about this is the fact that you are taking them to task for being jerks.

And the rhyme isn't bad either.

To all: the company (lets call them M) has relented. I have an appointment tomorrow at 3:00 PM to set it up. Now on the other hand, I called this morning after I posted this and I was not very nice. They then called back immediately and said that the lead nurse was very busy and not able to set up pumps, thus the delay. There was no explanation for the promise of a call and no call yesterday. In fact the lead nurse was shocked and taken aback that I was, well, shocked and taken aback by her not calling yesterday at noon as promised. She said she was very busy. Surely I would understand. No I said I do not understand. So the matter was scheduled with another nurse who had no paperwork and was calling because I was reportedly upset.

The interaction between the beginning of first call to the end of the second was maybe 10 minutes. Sometimes I fear being diabetic, and being upset, gets us down the road a little further than being diabetic and being nice. Tsk Tsk.

I'm sorry you had to be a squeaky wheel, Rick. Shame on "M".