DIABETIC BODY- " You don't look like a diabetic."


Just what does a diabetic look like. I was told by a Endocrinologist doctor, "You do not look like a type 2 diabetic." Doug Burns does not look like a diabetic at all according to general perceptions.

When he acted like a diabetic, he was misunderstood as to be intoxicated and charged by the police. When working in EMS I was told to evaluate for stroke, diabetes and possible intoxication as altered mental status.

Doug Burns talks about how he felt growing up with Diabetes.


People think according to the information they have encountered. We are the keeper of our bodies. I try to wear a medical alert at all times but there are some times I have forgotten it. I have some ID tags hanging on my purse and my keys. Some have Tattoos to speak for them in the case of altered mental status. I think Medical ID's should be considered by ALL diabetics.

I cannot tell by looking at someone, a child or adult, if someone has cancer or a heart condition. Why do people think they can spot a diabetic by their body type? Why do people blame diabetes solely on weight of 'sugar' intake?

We have a metabolic disorder. Some of us can do things to improve it or to correct it but many of us cannot due to our genetics or other events.
Doug Burns is an inspiration on how to overcome challenges.

It's awful, I know. I was a recently retired professional dancer when I was diagnosed--not anyone who "looked like a diabetic". Now, 7 years later, battling fibromyalgia and nasty arthritis and tying to find new ways to exercise,....well, I do look like a stereotypical diabetic--but guess what? My Aic is still in the so-called "non-diabetic" range. BUT---I hate being a cliché!......Blessings on us all. However we manifest this damn scourge...

You are dealing with a lot! Seems overwhelming what we have to deal with sometimes. I had frozen shoulder at it's worst last year and I still have spasms and pain from it a year later. Fibromyalgia can be very difficult to deal with too. I do wonder if something like some exercise in a pool would be good for you. I am looking forward to maybe having one in my future sometime to exercise in.

Get it all the time. Then again wearing the pump on my belt or forearm is pretty noticeable to bring up questions as well. Over the years just come to accept it now as a way to try and educate people.

Not to endorse what they say about how we all look, but the thing is that 85% of all T2's are caused in direct relation to obesity (from the Harvard studies). Not all yes, but that 85% is a pretty big number of big people who can easily sway public opinion. And as such what they use then to tar everyone else with. Not fair no, but it does go some way to explain it all.

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