Diabetic Connection

My BIL just went for a job interview/Christmas party in Florida. I talked to him over the weekend and he stated that his possible new boss has been a Type 1 since the age of 12 and he is now 42 and for the past three weeks has been using the CGMS. It gave me a diabetic warm fuzzy as I just got approved this week for the CGMS. He stated to my BIL, that the CGM has changed his life and he has been so steady bgs wise. :slight_smile:

Hey Karen, I just got my cgm last week and am getting trained this week. Were you actually able to get your insurance to cover it? If so, I’m jealous!

Hi Toni,

Yes, I got my insurance to cover it, finally. I have been working on this since about July I think. I started my appeal in September and finally was notified last week that they will be covering the CGM, woohoo.

We will have to compare notes. :slight_smile:

Here is what I posted last week.


I don’t have the unawareness that you have, so that wouldn’t help me, but it’s nice to see the some insurances are making allowances. Did you go with the medtronic then?

Yes the medtronic to feed to my Paradigm 722