Diabetic decoration

i thunk a though this afternoon. i enjoy painting. i like painting miniatures, watercolor, acylics, furnature. just about anything. i glanced over at my meter kit. the meter itself matches my pump. but that little sticker device (which i have dubbed my bummble bee) is as plain and boring as anything ever was. so the thought was thunk. i have a million different lancet devices, why not try painting one? so within the next week or so i’m going to use a primer then paint one up in black and yellow, like a bummble bee. best case senario, it looks awesome and distinctive. worst case senario, i’m down one lancet decive. i have more. i thought it’d be fun to try at least.

Hey that is a good idea. I have a lot of lancing devices as well. Wonder if the same would work for meters? Would be cool if we could decorate, meters, lancing devices and pumps to all match. Let us know how it works.


That’s a great Ideal…can u post a pic of it when you are finished with it.