Diabetic Dreams

I remember a discussion about this a few years back and I realized that, although I hadn't thought about it, Diabetes had not played a part in my dreams at that point. After 10 years (LADA,) I had a typically vivid, but not realistic, dream last night that I was traveling and my supplies failed and I didn't have enough spares. I say "typical," as the dream was about me seeking and searching for vague supplies....you know the type of dream where you wake up with clenched teeth and feeling stressed.
I'm just curious how Diabetes has entered the dreams of others, and how long it took if it is new to you.
PS Happy Mothers' Day to Mom PWD and especially to you Mothers of kids with it.

I dream of a cureā€¦ :slight_smile:

That's a nice dream.

Here's my blog-essay from asweetlife.org on this subject. These dreams were more common in my first years after dx--less frequent now.

For me the newest diagnosed one in the family, I have two reoccurring dreams. The first one is that I will sleep myself into a coma. Then I'll be rushed to the hospital where ER doctor tells my mother that I was misdiagnosed as Type 2 when I really was Type 1.5 and will remain in a coma until, and then I wake up screaming. The latest one is that I will pass out while I'm driving home and crash into the ditch, but no one can see my car.

My mom who's been a diabetic for over 30 years has the reoccurring dream that her meters (both of them plus mine) will fail her and she won't know what her blood sugars are in order to load the correct dosage of insulin.

I find I get weird dreams when I am low, even a little bit. They usually are not about diabetes, but involve lots of anxiety and worry (like I am lost in a bad part of town, or I've enrolled back in college and really don't want to go.) I've had diabetes for 36 years, so this is not a newbie thing.

Are you diabetic in your dreams? After 36 years, I imagine that it would play a part.....needing insulin, checking BS, or something. This is the first time that Diabetes played a prominant role in a dream for me.

Whoa! I guess having Diabetes on your radar even before you were diagnosed made it a part of your thoughts....and very technical, at that! Type 2 vs type 1.5! Sounds borderline nightmarish.

Deborah! Thanks for the link. I enjoyed your well writen insights. It's interesting that Diabetes entered your nocturnal thoughts right after diagnosis. As I stated, I was 10 yeats in before I had a typical stress filled dream where it played a major roll.