Diabetic Dumping

I think I might have this. Not sure though online research diagnoses. So my questions are has anyone on here been diagnosed with Diabetic Dumping? What kind of tests do they do for it? What kind of symptoms did you have? What kind of tratment were you put on? And please tell me u feel better now????

Sorry I think this should be in the discussion section really my bad! plz help anyway. I will learn how to use this site soon :(


http://www.ehow.com/about_5479354_diabetic-dumping-syndrome.html I no this has info but nothing like hearing real life experiences

Hi Fiona,

I suspect that I have a mild form of this, but have not been diagnosed. I am Type 1, so the symptoms from the low BG do not seem to be an issue for me ... I can usually match my insulin peak to my carb digestion with a simple bolus (not dual wave or square wave). My symptoms are primarily digestive in nature and I tend toward constipation rather than diarrhea. Most of the descriptions I find on the web list diarrhea as a symptom. Only a few list constipation, so I think this is less common.

My GI doc does confirm that my stomach empties quickly, but I have never asked him specifically about this diagnosis.

So far, I am having good luck with the FODMAP diet and Linzess. I have also had some success with Victoza because it slows down gastric emptying. Symlin was a disaster for me, it made my digestive symptoms worse.

I'm interested to hear if any one else has experience with this condition.

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Thanks Marie B that was loads of help