Diabetic Foot care appt consuing

Now tell me if I am not understanding something, I trust you to be kind and tell me the truth. I went for my 6month food care today, and it was what I expected, my big toe is growing a new nail, must have injured it at one time or another, but other than that everything was great. I recently had a friend who lost her leg from foot to knee because she didn’t take care of her feet. UGLY! So I am very careful to get this in 2 x a year. The doc came in, looked at the toe, from about a ft away, and said yeah everything looks okay, that nail will grow out, but it will be a long process…no big deal…then he says but your insurance won’t pay for foot care. HUH??? It always has before…and no one told me it didn’t. Otherwise, I would have gone back to the original provider I had BEFORE I had to switch docs. Well what is done, is done, I paid the co pay, and left. Called the ins company and they said, well, the doc has numbers and when he puts in the number of the service he provided, (first he didn’t do a thing…but that’s another problem) they tell him if its covered or not. When do they tell me, who pays the premiums? I asked for a listing of services so that I would know BEFORE the appt, not as an after the fact. She said only docs get those, they should tell you … well no one did, and had I known I would have gone to my original foot care person, in another clinic…just don’t get it…ideas on what to do???

If you Google your insurance company’s name plus “covered benefits” or “benefits manual” or search terms like that, you might find a document that explains what benefits are covered under your plan. I believe that insurers are required to provide you with access to their benefits manual in most states but I am not sure and you should consult a lawyer in your jurisdiction if you want a more definitive answer.