Diabetic pen pals 90 years or older to share experiences wanted

We have stories to tell and share as SURVIVORS, to the young struggling with living with diabetes.

A bonus of this info is that could results in an alliance of seniors and youths. A tool could be used by medical groups as an awareness project, that would attract attention. AMIGO clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca

You seeeriouusly think you’re going to find anyone!!! lol I think you’re the only one of that age using a computer!!

I honestly know that if I search long enough I might find someone older and wiser because I dont underetimate people. "HAVING DIABETES IS A CHALLENGE, A BURDEN, A TRANSFORMATION AND A BLESSING. SO LET’S ACCEPT IT AS A GRACIOUS GIFT AND LET IT TEACH US TO LIVE OUR YEARS WELL. Let’s keep in touch , because youre my kind of person who never stops to find ways and means to help others improve their quality of life.We are on a interesting journey, Keep In Toucg clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca

Fantastic -I would like to know when you find people. I know there are some out there I just don’t know whether they are computer literate. In my country the youngers one find it funny that even me at my age (I’m YOUNG :wink: work so much with the computer… You are a real blessing…

As a member of a LIONS CLUB since 1972, and a 91 computer rookie, is using their extensive network of 45.000 LIONS CLUBS, in 205 countries to mentor to diabetics in areas high in diabetes,but low in diabetes info, and hve them contact their local LIONS CLUB and tell them AMIGOS said, GET INVOLVED. They have an excellent diabetes prevention and awareness program I am still looking for over 90 computer pen pals, who are diabetics,and seniors who like me, is going to WEAR OUT, not RUST OUT, and are POSITIVE ROLE MODELS. clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca