Diabetic Retinopathy

Does anyone know if there are any free eye clinic’s in NY that provides services for little or no cost at all? I know someone who lives in South Beach, NY and having hard times and he was just DX with Diabetic Retinapathy (I know I mispelled).

I hope someone can help me.


I went through the local Lions Club. They are great and vision is their “thing”

yeah the lions club is a great resource. I’ve used them a couple times in the past.

Yes, my dad was very active in the Lion’s Club. Contact them and they will find a way to help.

I had to look up where south beach, NY was to make sure I wasn’t crazy. And discovered its Staten Island (WAHOO!). The only thing I remembered when I lived in NY is if he has medicaid, he can go to the clinic days at the hospital on Staten Island. There are Lions Club in New Jersey but not on Staten Island.