Diabetic Runner Challenge, Part II

I have been meaning to update my running log in a blog post here, but the days just keep getting away from me! I log my miles for the 2008 Diabetic Runner Challenge here on my tudiabetes page. Soooo, below is my updated mileage count. I encourage everyone who runs or would like to start running, or even people who like to walk and want to rack up some miles, to sign up for the Challenge!!! It is so motivating!!
I ran one race since I last logged my miles, and it was an 8K last weekend (March 15) in VA Beach. It was a lot of fun, but I had more fun and finished with a better time at last year’s St. Patty’s Day 8K in D.C. The 8K in VA Beach was VERY crowded, and I guess the organizers of the race didn’t divide all the participants into the appropriate pace groups, because even I though I specified a predicted finish time and thought I started in the correct “wave,” there were people walking everywhere, and it seemed like they refused to move to the RIGHT side of the course, so it was very frustrating! I think next year my brother and I will just do the 8K in D.C. again (we usually run races together and he had the same frustrations). Plus, I was coming down with a sinus infection and my bg’s were less predictable than usual. Numbers-wise, the first few miles were fine for me, but I ended up pretty low by the end of the race, and felt dehydrated. Oh, well-- maybe next time will be better!
Anyway, below is my mileage log since my last post:

Feb. 18: 4.75
Feb. 19: 1.61
Feb. 22: 3.75
Feb. 24: 4.67
Feb. 26: 1.52
Feb. 27: 5.81
Feb. 29: 5.29
March 4: 3.77
March 5: 3.31
March 6: 5.02
March 8: 2.37
March 9: 1.89
March 11: 3.65
March 13: 5.70
March 15: 5.00
March 18: 1.26
March 20: 3.03
TOTAL = 62.4

Total Mileage since I began the DR Challenge (Jan. 1) = 136.06

I have been running consistently for the past couple of years, and it has increased my sensitivity to insulin so much. I now struggle with keeping my bg’s high enough, rather than lowering them. After the nights that I run, I notice a difference in my bg’s the entire next day-- they are lower and more stable. So I guess I am living proof that consistent exercise is like no other type of medication-- it’s a magic bullet against high bg’s, in my opinion!
Good luck to all of my fellow DR Challengers out there! And kudos to anyone considering signing up for the Challenge… it’s never too late… :wink: