Diabetic "session" drink?

OK, so really this question probably belongs on Chowhound or something, but what the heck.

Fans of craft beer have the concept of a “session beer” – a beer with a relatively low alcohol content, so you can sit around with your friends and drink 3 or 4 (i.e., “have a session”) without it being a big deal. (Many craft beers are a lot more alcoholic than you might expect, especially double IPAs and stuff, so you can see how this concept would arise.)

But see, I’ve mostly stopped drinking beer since the D. I have to bolus for it, and that’s just tricky given that the alcohol lowers you as well. I usually stick to liquor, or dry wine. But, obviously, straight liquor is decidedly NOT sessionable! And wine by the glass at bars often sucks.

So, what should be my go-to session drink at a bar? I’m gonna be watching basketball with some friends tonight. I’ve been going with vodka and seltzer with lime, but… it’s not really very good. I don’t like diet soda or tonic very much, at least not in large quantities. Anyone got any good d-mixed-drink recipes?

(You don’t need to warn me about drinking and hypoglycemia. I know all that and I know how my body reacts. Thanks.)

I’m not a huge beer snob and have no problem BG wise w/ Mich Ultra or Bud Select 55, like 2.3 and 1.5 G of carbs, respectively? Not huge amounts of alcohol either although the lightness makes them sort of swillable? A lot of people I know who like thicker beer are revolted by the prospect of drinking those but I am revolted by my old beer gut which has largely left the premises? Have a good time tonight either way!

I have always struggled to find a mixed drink I enjoy that didn’t have sugar in it, then finally when I was living in Guatemala I found one. I don’t know what the name of it is, but it has rum, sparkling water, lime and salt. You have to experiment to get the right measurements of the lime and salt, but it’s tangy and refreshing and goes down pretty easy.

I also was a fan of the stay alert while buzzed qualities of mixing caffeine and alcohol long before that became a popular canned drink. I used to drink Irish coffees a long time ago. When I stopped eating sugar I found I could duplicate a version of this at home by making a latte or capp and using a frother on the milk so it’s thicker like whipped cream (and can also be used for an iced version). I usually just use Brandy rather than Irish Whisky. In bars, though, they often use canned whipping cream that has sugar and don’t have espresso machines. If you like the coffee thing though, you could just have coffee - hot or iced with brandy.

How about another type of liqour with seltzer-- dark rum, brandy, scotch? I can’t stand diet soda either. Tonic has a ton of sugar unless it’s diet. Maybe worth it buy a decent bottle of wine?

Guinness draft has few carbs than other beers & a lower alcohol. I love it!

Woah, light beer. How embarrassing is it that that never occurred to me???

This makes me sad. I used to brew my own beer. I had my own brewing fridge. But I gave it all up. Now I pretty much stick to red wine.