Diabetic Small World

I have had to entertain a visiting scholar for the past few days. I took him touring and to lunch yesterday. He went off to the barthroom. While he was gone, I tested because I didn’t want to do it in front of him and I don’t test in bathrooms. When he came back, he said “I always need to step out right before the food is served and inject myself because I’m a type 1 diabetic.” I waved my glucose monitor case at him. Have you ever had an instance of diabetic small world?

Wow! I hope you yelled at him politely about shooting up in the bathroom! That is sort of a pet peeve of mine. A friend of mine who’s a psychiatrist backed me up when my type G buddy suggested she’d do the same, despite my collection of meter, insulin, etc. in my ‘spot’ on the counter.

Well I was only DX’es in Oct, so nope this hasn’t happened to me… yet.

I will say that the other D I will someday encounter will spot me right off the bat. I don’t even try to hide my pump. It’s always in my pocket or on my belt, with the tubing showing. I figure so many people wear their cell phones like badges of honor, unless someone knows what they are looking at, they will not even realize it’s a medical device.

I will say it would be refreshing to meet someone that atleast knows the difference between type 1 & 2. Even the type 2 diabetics I have met will say, “oh it’s nothing…take a pill a day, lose some weight by watching your diet and getting some exercise. you’ll be feeling better in no time.” Statements like that really anger me because, A) they are a very mis-informed type 2, there is more to it then that. Type 2 is NOT an overweight disease, it’s a human disease. B) they don’t know the difference between the two types.
grrr… sorry for the rant.

I wish I did

I find where I meet the most diabetics is on cruise ships, T2, and also I sometimes get to educate them about the different types of diabetes as many people aren’t aware of LADA, or as I like to put in as a joke, T3 (our loved ones that live with us sometimes know as much about diabetes as we do). I met my first T1 / pumper on a cruise a few years ago as well. Went to have a midnite snack - and sat next to a couple. We got talking, and while we did, I tested my BG, and found out the wife was not only a T1 like myself but on an insulin pump as well. We’ve kept in touch ever since!

How cool is that? The only one I had was at Barnes and Noble when a man came up to the info desk and asked about books for his teenager who had just been diagnosed. I of course introduced myself and gave him a TuD card which I carry in my purse.

Oh and now the many amazing women in my Type 1 Women’s Group, who I recently had dinner with and nobody went off to the bathroom. I will, however, defend the people who do, as I did that myself and it didn’t mean I’m “ashamed of being a diabetic”, just that it felt very personal and private. My new pump, on the other hand, I love displaying!