Diabetic supply refusals

I am asking this question to those who have medical coverage and gets their insulin pump or CGM supplies through a third party supplier. I have an issue with Byram Healthcare, Dexcom or any one outside of my doctor or Health care provider having my medical records.

I have refused allowing my doctor to give my medical records to Byram Healthcare. Byram Healthcare states they can’t provide me me insulin pump supplies unless I do even after they get the prescription from my doctor.

With peoples information being compromised all over these days you would think it would be limited to you, your doctor and Healthcare providers now another company has to have it and you can’t get your medications unless you do. I can’t get my medication unless I do. Anyone else experience this as I need information on how to deal with this situation? Thanks

In order for Byram or other providers to get paid by your insurance, they must file the medical evidence (your information) to insurance. They won’t ship you product or supplies until they know it is covered.
Maybe ask Byram for a copy of their policy for data/privacy protection.

Providers also have to protect access to your records, just like doctors and hospitals.

Your other option might be to pay full cost out of pocket, and file claim directly to your insurance, if they would allow it. In 1980s, when BG strips were first covered, I had to mail in receipts to get money back.

I use Byram, and have no issues.

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What info are they requesting? Usually it’s some BG logs, are you aware when low, dosage, etc. It’s not your entire medical record; just some documentation, required for your insurance coverage, not by Byram. Frankly, it doesn’t worry me at all.

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Once a year I get an A1C test (from the doctor. I do my own stuff all the time), and that test is sent to Byram along with the doctor’s notes from the visit. That is all the insurance company or Byram require for me to get my script renewed, and that is only for a pump. CGM does not require any of that stuff for me.

I sent them all my records. Yes I went back 43 years. Want to know how to make it so people never read your stuff? Send them all your stuff. I mean who has time. LOL