Diabetic Tag Line

Diabetic Tag Line

Does diabetes need a tag line? I have been thinking about this for a long time. Now if we look at other medical conditions they have tag lines. Most notability of course is breast cancer, their tag symbol is pink. But there are others: Because it matters…Heart disease awareness, Cancer: Relay for life, Anorexia: Don’t Hide Talk. And there are others.

What about diabetes? What could be our collective tag line? First it has to be short. The advertising guru’s tell us it must be less than 6 words. ‘An Army of One’, ‘Be All You Can Be’, or Life Screening: “The Power Of Prevention’. These things are literally everywhere.

Even diabetes has a few associated tag lines: ‘Tour DeCure’, ‘Walk For A Cure’ but none of the really sum up the disease. You know make it real. Obviously a cure could be almost anything so Diabetes is not even mentioned in that branding. So could Diabetes have an all-encompassing tag line?

Well one way might be to go with a song. I love Pink Floyd so maybe we could get Weird Al to write us a parody song based on ‘Have a Cigar’ ? I imagine it might be called ‘Have a test strip’:

Come in here, dear boy, have a test strip
You're gonna drink a lot,
You're always gonna see your CDE, you're gonna make it if you try; your doctor’s always gonna love you.

Ok maybe not, but surely a good song could be written to signify diabetes? I do think test strips would be a great anchor they are universal in diabetes, they are used by all types of the disease. This seems a universal element.

So back to tag lines. Here are few I want to propose:

Diabetes; ‘Not Just For Grandma Anymore’
Diabetes; ‘Drink Up, Water Is Good’
Diabetes; ‘Go Low For Fun’
Diabetes; ‘Love Your CDE’
Diabetes; ‘It’s More Than Insulin’
Diabetes; ‘If Your Peeing, Do Testing’
Diabetes; ‘Don’t ■■■■ Your Life Away’
Diabetes; ‘The 20% minority’
Diabetes; ‘The Future Is Now’
Diabetes; ‘Don’t Just Test the Water Anymore’(breaks the 5 word rule)
Diabetes; ‘Looking for the 20% solution’
Diabetes; ‘It’s Been Five Years Already’
Diabetes; ‘Lower Your Blood Sugar Today”
Diabetes; ‘Test for life’
Diabetes; ‘Blood is Half The Answer’
Diabetes; ‘Take Me As I Am’
Diabetes; ‘More drugs, Less Food’
Diabetes; ‘Think Different’
‘Test to live, Live to Test’
‘Life In The Drink Line’
Be a ‘Meter Beater, Test Often’
CDE’s say ‘Test don’t Guess’
Diabetes; ‘More Nurses Can’t be Bad’
Diabetes; ‘Early To Test Is Best’
Diabetes; ‘Who Knows Where It Lead’s’

So those are a few of my ideas. I doubt any of them make the cut, but heck I do like ‘Don’t ■■■■ Your Life Away’ a lot. I suppose pea would be ok. Who has better ones? I am sure someone must be able to really crank it up?



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I've seen "Insulin is Life Support" but of course that's only for Type 1 mostly.

I think part of the problem is that diabetes is so big and all-encompassing. What aspect of life ISN'T touched by diabetes? Very hard to sum up in just six words.