Diabetic Things to Ponder

I have found many absurd things.
I hope I am not the only one.
Please post your insane diabetic experiences here.

Example 1:
Delicate Pricing Structure!!!
Cost of Accu Check Multiclix Lancing device $29.99
Cost of an Accu Check Aviva meter with Multiclix Lancing Device $19.99
Coupon in last Sunday paper for $10 off + 9.99 sale on Accu Check Aviva meters at Walgreens making the total cost $0.00 priceless.
If you want to try their lancing device why do they charge more for it than the meter that comes with it?

Example 2:
When did this become a Bio-Hazzard?
I had a bad Pen Needle from BD so I asked the pharmacist at Walgreens weather or not they did anything about it. He suggested I call BD. I called BD about the unused pen needle at Walgreens suggestion. They were very helpful and asked me all about it. I must have said about a half dozen times that I did not use the needle because in the process of trying to give my shot it was unable to pass insulin through the needle. They said please send them they needle they are sending me a box to return the defective needle and please include several others so they can check for quality control. I get a box to return the unused needle (which was screwed to an insulin pen but never used to inject because it did not pas insulin) and several other unused needles. I get the box with a Bio-Hazard Bag a long letter telling me that these bio-hazard materials must be clearly labeled to be returned.
It was not a bio-hazard when I purchased the pen needles!
It was not a bio-hazard to store the needles in my nightstand!
It was not a bio-hazard to peel the label from one needle!
When nothing went through the needle did it become a bio-hazard?
Things that make you say hmmmmm…

Thanks for reading!!!

wow unbelievable how much crap and red tape these companys can make out of something so minor .
Like some pharmacy thinking she knows more about diabetes than I do since she does not have the
disease . I have so much trouble out of walgreens that I no longer use their pharmacy at all and one time
as I recall they gave me a bad epi pen it was expired and then they refused to take it back so I called
the company and asked them to please do something and they sent me a coupon for a free pen and
they would take up the issue with Walgreens at a later date . I hope they chewed them out for not checking
their shelves. Their mistake could have killed me .I hope you come on okay .

I just think its ironic that we all have stories that make no sense to anyone but, they happen every day.

After reading about the airport issues I have received almost the opposite treatments here in St. Louis. I am on MDIs with both Novolog and Lantus pens. I carry my letter from my doctor, a glucagon kit and glucose tablets. Also I have enough supplies for twice the amount that I would need for the duration of the trip. I have flown to Miami Michigan and NJ and one time I was going through the medical line and they said you are only on shots you barely qualify for the medical line we have people with insulin pumps working here and not to worry about it. I always tell them that I have needles and so on and so forth. Again I feel that its all in how you present it!!!