Diabetic Time Traveler

Does anyone else ever ponder how you would deal with type 1 diabetes if you traveled back in time?


We’d be dead. People died quickly & painfully before injectable insulin from starvation, dehydration, DKA.

Well of course.

I guess I meant more silly scenarios, like:

Being able to travel through points in time at leisure. So you could go back and get insulin from the future…and could take it with you. But if you had a pump it would be interesting taking it back…

…or maybe you couldn’t control it, and all you had on you was the insulin with you…or none at all. How would you make it last…would you try and figure out how to get insulin in the past? Try and find a scientist and explain what you do know about how insulin was first discovered and see if they can help you?

LOL. I’m easily bored, nerdy, and amused.


I fantasize about going forward in time to the future when there’s no more diabetes. People will be shaking their heads in disbelief at our barbaric finger sticks for inaccurate meters & shooting up insulin to formulas & ratios that don’t always work. They’ll be amazed & shocked at counting carbs to eat, highs & lows, having to monitor BG with annoying CGMS devices & all the daily crap we deal with. Then, I’ll go back in time with the cure!

hmmm… if we can travel thru time, I hope the big-d would be small potatoes…