Diabetic type 2 Cellulitus

I have had cellulitus since Dec. 13th. It wasn’t diagnosed until late January where I had test that ruled out blood clots and bone problems. Have had predinsone packets twice and 4 rounds of antibiotics. One was doxcyline and the other amoxiphillcin, also took darvocet for pain. Now, they did an MRI and it only shows cellulitus. At the present time I am waiting to go back to the foot doctor and see what he will do now. He is puzzled because it got better for awhile but is back in my right foot half way down the foot and toes. I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this problem. My blood glucose levels have been up also and my doctor raised my half tablet of glyberide to 1 tablet. That is lowering my glucose levels a little. My foot is red, swelled very painful at times and hurts to walk on it sometimes and other times it doesn’t. Also, I have this power armor boot that helps but sometimes it hurts it and I want wear it then. Has anyone had cellulitus for 4 to 5 months? Would appreciate any information. Thanks!