Diabetics are AWESOME because...(video!)

For your diabetes entertainment, “Diabetics are awesome because…”

(for more YouTube vids check out www.YouTube.com/user/GingerVieira)

That was fun to watch! Now I know how awesome I am!!

What a great video!

I really like to hear such positive perspectives. It does however make me feel old. I think as I look back, diabetics are awesome because of what they achieve and become. While some may look at the constant challenges of life with diabetes as a burden, it also makes us “better” people, we are stronger, more disciplined and more focused.

RE: nutritional information: depending on the package, the nutritional information can be on an overwrap or “available on the web site” or by calling the manufacturer.

$20 on candy is easy if you like gourmet chocolates (hello, Vosges, Godiva, and Leonidas!)

I’m ready to watch it everyday for the boost it gives! May we all be that enthusiastic, happy, and awesome!

That really was awesome : ) Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

I’ve now subscribed ; ) You have some great video’s! I’ve also now ordered a really cute purse/testing case from Myabetic, so thanks for sharing your youtube video on testing and giving the link to the website!

That’s a fun video, although I am not sure I think of it that way. I am not quite sure what I think about diabetes. I don’t like to let it get in the way of things.