Diabetics giving blood

One time I got OJ, which was great for the blood sugar. Now I’ll bring along a small carton of milk. The center usually has some pretzels or other crackers. Its difficult to find my veins in my arms, so I think this is part of the problem with me feeling light headed and such. I don’t donate very often for this very reason. After about 15 minutes, I feel ok, but I don’t run out the door. Esp. when I’m child free for a while

Low blood pressure is commonly caused by low blood volume, which can be solved by drinking adequate amounts of liquids each day (liquids with caffeine, which cause liquid loss, don’t count).

So, by using our noggins, we can deduce that it wouldn’t be a good idea for a blood center to remove more blood volume in someone experiencing low blood pressure. Less blood volume = less blood pressure, generally speaking. That’s one reason they want you to drink plenty of liquids before, during and/or after donating.

NOTE: Low blood pressure also has causes besides simple dehydration. It might be good to have your parents get you to a doctor, particularly in light of the Type 1 diabetes and potential complications.

I definitely drink lots of fluids throughout the day though. I drink at least 1.5 L of water a day, more when I exercise and some milk at supper.

Now I’m kind of angry. I understand the weight and low blood pressure thing, but she hadn’t assessed those things until after I told her I was diabetic. I realize that things in Canada are different than in the States, but if diabetics are donating with no problems over in America, why not Canada? It shouldn’t matter whether or not I’m diabetic, it should matter whether or not my blood sugar levels are controlled.
Thanks for your response!

I just donated blood a few months back and they were concerned at first because I used to take beef/pork (around 1985) but they called into the main Red Cross office and they cleared me to give blood. It was not an issue. I have been donating blood since I was 18 and have had no issues…

The problem with having a BP on the low side is that by donating and decreasing the amount of fluid circulating in your sytem your BP could drop even lower until the fluid is replenished.

Telling the officials each time I am diabetic, I give blood 2-3 times a year at my church’s American Red Cross BLood Drive. I have never been turned down, and no one ever asked me any questions about my control. I always check my own blood sugar before donating, and I have always been in my own target range ( 85 to 135) when I donate. I have never been unduly questioned nor discouraged; as blood pressure, blood sugars, and iron levels at the time of my blood donations have always been OK.

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I’ve been turned down as a donor because I’m too small also & this was before I was diagnosed. The tech had me get on a scale.

Taking the required amount of donor blood from someone under a certain weight is removing too much blood for smaller bodies to handle. It’s not safe.

Low BP can also cause problems for the donor.

My husband gives regularly to try to make up for me:)