Diabetics in the GTA?

Hey guys, just wondering if there are any diabetics here in the greater Toronto area? I am new to the province and would like to discuss doctors and educators!

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I don’t live in the gta but my endo is there. She is the best doc I’ve ever dealt with - ever! I have had Type 1 for almost 42 years. Dr. Diane Donat at UHN (former Toronto General)


That is great info Andrea. Do you know if she is accepting new patients? You wouldn't happen o have an email for her office would you?


I've got lots of connections in the GTA mostly through a group I'm involved with: Connected in Motion. It might be worth asking on the CIM FB page too... I bet you'll get lots of recommendations. (www.facebook.com/connectedinmotion).

My recommendation would be Dr. Bruce Perkins. Although he's not my endo, he's someone I really admire and he happens to be living with T1 too, which I find so appealing. I know him outside of the clinical setting and he's just fantastic. Last I heard, though, his new patients weren't getting in until May :(

And welcome to the area! I bet we'll connect before long :)