Diabetics on just lantus?

I was curious if there were any type 1 diabetics on just lantus.

I tried that for a couple of years and it seemed to work well. The only caveat was that I had to eat very low carb food…and high protein + high fat. Then along came wife and then kids and low carbing wasn’t sustainable anymore. BG levels started going everywhere, I lost motivation and lapsed into very poor control…the excuse being that I was very busy and kept postponing getting back into good control.

Then, I shed my inhibition about the pump and adopted it. Never been happier or in better control.

So, yeah, lantus-only works only if you low-carb and eat many times during the day rather than a few large meals. Also, it helped a lot when I took my lantus early every morning…that way I minimized night-time hypo events.

it’s funny i used to take lantus before going to bed, but i slept all day and worked 3rd shift, now i’m off 3rd shift and do better at night…how weird

Hi my name is Anthony, I was diagnosed with type 1 in May of 2008 and until August this year I had been taking Novolog to cover meals and Levemir (like lantus) at night. In early August I went to the Diabetes Training Camp to build a training foundation for the RAAM (a cycling race across America). With all the exercise and cycling we did I was able to increase my calorie intake by 2500 and stop taking insulin to cover any of my meals. I still take 37 units of Levemir at bedtime but with proper balanced deit and exercise my BG numbers stay between 90 and 140 just using the Levemir

Just lantus as in no bolus? I take lantus for the basal but also novolog for bolus…