Diabetics who smoke cigarettes

Hi everyone I’m just checking in today to discuss the fact that some type 1 diabetics and type 2 diabetics do smoke cigarettes . I personally do not smoke . Yesterday I was at the salon getting a manicure and there was a young girl sitting next to me who mentioned to her mother something about her high blood sugar . Of course this never happens to me where I bump into another type 1 ( never in 23 years ) so I asked her if she was da
Iabetic and she said yes . I told her so was I and I asked if she was on the pump , I told her that it really has helped with my control and if I do go low the lows are never the real scary kind ( where you treat a 50 and then twenty minutes later your now 40 those were the regular and Nph days , I never was on lantus ) so any way she said that she was a type 1 and she hasn’t had a low in years cause she always stays in the 200s and she thought that wasn’t bad . And then I heard her say to her mother " oh I need a cigarette " and her mother just said " we will be leaving real soon . I couldn’t help but feel sorry for that girl and I wanted to tell her how being a diabetic and a smoker is like asking for a death sentence . But I kept my mouth shut , because after I had told her that I also was a type 1 she didn’t seem to interested in furthering the conversation Any input on what people think about diabetics who smoke , and is it really more dangerous for a diabetic ?

The primary cause of death for people with diabetes is heart disease. Smoking just makes a tough situation even tougher. There are also othe considerations. When I was first diagnosed, my dentist said that it was a good thing that I don't smoke since diabetics who smoke don't keep their teeth.

I used to smoke as a diabetic, but that's been several years ago. I will say smothing is dangerous to one's health diabetic or not.

Getting diagnosed at 14 was probably one of the reasons I started smoking. I continued to smoke until I got pregnant.I brought a fresh pack of cigarettes to the hospital with me when I went in to labor. After 17 hours my 5 pound 1/2 ounce baby boy finally made an appearance. I looked at him and looked at the pack of cigarettes and crumpled them up and have never smoked again, that was more than 22 years ago. But there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss it, or see someone smoking and think oh that would taste so good. Nicotine is hideously addictive and now with taxes etc, it is also hideously expensive. Diabetic or not, smoking will eventually kill you, but having been a smoker before I can't really pass judgement on someone else. It is sad though with all the information we have today about the risks of smoking that this kid is wandering around hyperglycemic and smoking.