DiabMaldives Camp for Type I Youths

"Hello greetings from Maldives.
Camp Diabmaldives is a Youth Diabetes Camp organized by Diabetes Society of Maldives Type I Diabetes Youth Group, “My Sweet Family”. Camp Diabmaldives will be the first ever Youth Camp in Maldives targeted to Type I Diabetic Youth. it is a 5 day camp for children and youth aged 12- 26 scheduled to be held from 17 to 21st December 2012 at Bandos Island Resort & Spa. At camp Diabmaldives the youth will gain confidence in managing their diabetes. They will also learn how food and exercise are linked with insulin and how sports, illness and stress effect diabetes, As this camp will have Type I from Maldives and other invited guests from the South East Asia Region and all parts of the world. the participants will have the opportunity to interact with other Young leaders, experience different cultures. The main goal of the programme at the camp is to allow the youth to feel at ease and accepted in a community where having diabetes is the rule, not the exception .The campers will learn to understand diabetes and the process of self-management under skilled and continuous medical supervision.

This camp will give the youths a chance to discuss, learn and form a plan to address the challenges that the youths are facing. Interact, share, with each other their situations problems and solutions. Help one another gain confidence. We will also involve the media to reach out to the public to raise awareness that will attend to our most growing challenges. Camp Diabmaldives will also instill the awareness amongst the youth regarding the big and even the smallest challenges they face in their everyday life through professional and experienced facilitators. The youth will go home feeling more self-confident , self-reliant and having gained the knowledge they need to live successful lives with diabetes"

I am Volunteer in Diabetes Society of Maldives Since 2010. Participated several activities with the organisation.I am coordinating this Camp with Diabetes Society of Maldives Staff Ms. Aminath Abdul Rahman she is International Diabetes Federation Young Leaders In Diabetes, South East Asia Region Council Member

Find the application form and activities list below.

Any one interested please communicate me.. my mail is husnhaseeb@gmail.com

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