Diabulimia and Pregnant

Hi everyone, I’m 28 and have had diabetes for 17 years. It has been very uncontolled over the past 4 years due to me developing diabulimia.

I have just found out I’m 9 weeks pregnant and I have managed to get my bloods down a good bit but my HBA1C is still high at 9.9. I’m so scared that I have damaged my baby already as this pregnancy was so not planned and my sugars were totally out of control.

Is there anyone out there who has really high blood sugars during prenancy and still had a healthy baby? Is it possible? I’m so confused as to what to do as I’m trying my best to get these sugars under control as quickly as I can.

I would appreciate anyone who can give me some advise or discuss a similar situation they have been in.

Best wishes

I was diagnosed a little before halfway through my first pregnancy obviously I was having high BG’s and my baby was just fine. Ironically out of all 3 of mine he was the smallest… being uncontrolled at conception and early pregnancy only increases your baby’s risk of complications, it is by far NOT a guarantee that anything can or will be wrong.

You can have a healthy baby but it’s extremely important to get good pre-natal care and to take care of yourself as best you can.

I don’t know anything about pregnancy, so I’m not responding to that part. But I highly encourage you to get treatment for your eating disorder because everything will follow from that. There are programs and therapists trained in eating disorders. Not as much is known about diabulimia as the other eating disorders, but you can find a qualified person with a little research or with your doctor’s help. If you have been hiding it, the first step is to come out and ask for help.

There is a Diabulimia Support group here on tuD you might want to check out

please join this Group


please let me know if you’d like any more resources for diabulimia. I know TuDiabetes members here who have struggled with it.