Ive been type 1 diabetic sense i was 7 months old i am now 21 and have a 2½ year old son but have been suffering with diabulimia sense i was 16 i am 112 pounds and would like to stop but it feels like a battle i cant win HEEEELP

I know how you feel. I have had diabulima since I was 1 as well. I learned a few months after I was diagnosed that I could use my blood sugars to control my weight. I was diagnosed Oct 2000 at the age of 16. I still to this day do it. I learned not to for the sake of my son when I was pregnant with him. He's now 16 months old. I'm 28 turning 29 in April. When I first developed it wasn't even recognized or heard of so everyone seemed to think I was anorexic. To this day they still do. There's a lot of diabetics who don't even know what it is and that's because they have probably never done it before or they are in denial that is what is wrong with them. If you want you can add me as a friend on her and I can give you my facebook info as well. I belong to a group of close nit Type 1s and parents of Type 1s that might be able to help more. I still to this day deny anything is wrong with me. I'm on a continuous monitoring so it helps with stopping it to a point.

Oh also having an insulin pump doesn't work for it. There are ways around even having an insulin pump. I used to be a needle diabetic but I went to an OmniPod system after my son was born.

Ya i take shots and i also have a son whobis 2½ andbefore i got pregnant my alc was 12 some how wuen i was pregnant i got it down to 5.4 but as soon as i gave birth i went right back to it me and my husband aare trying to get pregnant again but i cant seem to stay doing good the minute i do see all these skinny girls and go crazy and start again its driving me crazy its like a drug addiction minus the drugs