Do I seem obsessed with it? Well I am a little. 8 years ago it took over my life and I am still struggling to get through recovery. It has not always been easy to talk about. Many reactions I receive from people when they hear that I’m still trying to move past it are shocked and horrified, and I understand. That being said, it doesn’t make it any easier.

I am lucky to have a good team of people working on my side. My nutritionist has written the only book every published on diabulimia so I feel that I’m in the hands of the best of the best. I want to share my journey the best way that I know how and that is through written word (and maybe some vlogs, who knows?)

The blog I currently keep can be found here:

Tressa, I am not horrified by your illnesses, I understand even though I have never been so stricken. Do take care of yourself, you will come into your own one day and be glad you kept going. (((((Hugs)))))

I’ve written a few times lately about diabulimia in the context of high fat low carb (HFLC) eating.

I eat HFLC. Call it Atkins or Primal or Paleo, but basically I try for 70% of calories from fat, 20% from protein, and 10% from carbs. My endo is the one who equated this with diabulemia. I thought his off-hand comment showed ignorance, which it did, but it was also insightful. I am practicing diabulimia except I’m feeding myself.


I follow Gary Taubes’ ideas: insulin is responsible for fat storage. The only way I can lose my excess fat is to lower my insulin. This is exactly what diabulemics do. They don’t take insulin and they lose weight. The differences are I don’t lose as much; I’m down 25lbs with 50 to go, and my blood sugars are controlled. My A1C is 5.9%

Might I be so bold as to suggest that HFLC as an option for you and others? Science is showing more and more that fat is not only not bad but is essential, that we need high cholesterol, and that sugar causes nearly all of the western diseases we suffer from today. Sugar does in fact kill!

Thank you for sharing your story…how brave of you. Good luck.