Who else is struggling with this i have had diabetes sense i was 7months old i am now 21 and once i hit my teens i began to struggle with body image now i am 112 pounds but am still struggling with the fact that when i take insulin i start to swell and the fact that if i dont take insulin i can eat and drink what ever and i will lose weight but if i take insulin and try to do those things i will gain like crazy its like a war in my head that i cant seem to win i know alot about diabetes considering having it my whole life but that dont seem to matter help please

Hi Neenee. Please try to explore this group: http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/diabeticswitheatingdisorders

I do hope it can help :)

I'm 20 and 112 pounds too! I feel you girl. I'm not diabulemic but sometimes I have that war in my head. It's like a constant fight, wanting to be healthy and look 'healthy' too. I find that if I work out and then eat a meal and take insulin for it, I can justify it better. If you take insulin post work out most of the glucose from your meal is stored in muscles instead of fat. It's seems silly, but somehow when I do this it takes the conflict out of my brain. I try to work out before dinner because that's when I eat most of my carbs in the day. Please remember health starts from the inside out and I believe to truly be healthy and happy you have to conrol your blood sugars first! Best of luck

Thanks hannah that really helps what kinda work outs do you do

Right now I don't really have a schedule (it's a work in progress) but I do weights on the machines at my gym and alternate upper and lower body between days. I do 3 sets of 10 reps on about 4-5 machines. So not too much. I have been trying to incorporate some crossfit style work outs in too. (You can find a ton on pinterest) When I get the chance I go to a pilates class but more because I just really like them and less for the work out. I hope this helps. Let me know if it didn't make any sense. haha.