Diacop on th Beat!

Have you heard of the new reality series? It is named DiaCops and their mission is to locate, arrest and lockup diabetes. DiaCops are young, aggressive, hunks and babes who work in Los Angeles. Their headquarters are in a trendy neighborhood, in a restored beautiful 1930’s mansion. This is intentional so that the DiaCops are constantly reminded about the origin of their mission, and the days immediately after the discovery and marketing of insulin. Since 1932 DiaCops have been on the job searching for diabetes where it strikes. When it does break out they often drop off 13 alcohol swabs (they used to drop off 19 but there have been budget cuts). Many times DiaCops simply drop off oranges for aspiring diabetics to practice with. Other times they drop off 2 tons of brochures to every newly diagnosed Person with Diabetes (PWD) who is identified. Wherever they go Diacops are recognized as the good guys and gals in the battle against diabetes.

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