Diagnosed today

went to the hospital today and i am a diabetic my sugar level read HI how u doing on their meter! Now i have to get use to sticking myself! not in denial anymore


Hello! We all go through denial at some point. The good the is, you are out of it and cheer’s to a new you and living a long healthy life with diabetes!

Um… okay… and I see you updated your profile pic with a test taken two months ago? Real convincing… if you really did go to the hospital with a BG 600+ I don’t think they would have just let you go home…

i am currently in the hospital rite now getting stuck

Take care of yourself… U have a lot to learn, but it will be ok in the long run.

God bless,

Well, good. Take pictures of your hospital room, and your first official day in this journey, and post them here. We are like voyeurs, and we want to see. lol

Heh! Que chevere.

Glad you’re getting medical help. What type of treatment? Any idea when you’ll be back home?

It’s a shock when you’re diagnosed and it sucks, i’m sorry :frowning: The good news is that with the right diabetes management, you can still enjoy the same life you had before your diagnosis. Sticking yourself is not going to be fun but after 17 years of doing it myself, I dont even flinch anymore. I hardly use the lancet device either. It will get better and you will become a pro at managing your diabetes, I promise! I’m glad you are a member of this site, it’s a very supportive place to vent and share experiences. We are all here for you at this awful time!

NOT cool, Sarah. She doesn’t have to “prove” anything to anyone, especially not to you. She’s coming here for support, not for an interrogation. Shame on you.

How do you test without a lancing device?

I push down on my pointer with my thumb and stick my finger straight with the lancet. I like the device but I’m always losing the little caps to them so, I got use to using just the lancet.

How brave!

feel like a human attack

I am a “lancet alone” queen as well. I rarely use the lancing device. I know just how much pressure to get the right amount of blood; and I always use a new lancet, so it is sharp and does not hurt at all. Been doing this for over 25 years since I went on MDI and home glucometers became readily available.

God Bless,

I’m glad to hear that you are getting on top of things. This is not easy, it involves hard choices, personal effort and compromises, but you can do this. In fact only you can do this, nobody else can do this for you. Please take the effort to stick with this community. Over time, the community hear can be a real support community and a source of great information, but you do need to make the effort to let everyone know you, understand who you are and become your friend. We are a community who all suffer from a permanent chronic disease. We are sensitive and protective of our community. But realize those that are part of the community are stronger because of that connection.

Hi Sugarmama,

I am glad you are getting to the bottom of things. It is a hard life esp. at the beginning. We have all been through it so don’t feel bad about feeling bad about it. That is normal. I am only 8 months in. I still feel bad about it now and than. We definatley get it.

Keep us updated on how things are going. I am interested in hearing what your treatment plan will be. We all help you out with your questions on here. I hope you will try to stay positive and be an active member here. :slight_smile:

Hugs, KimKat