Diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes


If the metformin and diet don’t make a significant difference in the next few days then you may need to decide if you are willing to start insulin or try some of the other type 2 drugs. How much metformin did your Dr. prescribe? How low carb are you eating and how low are you willing to go?

Walking is great for reducing BG’s and walking after every meal will help even more. The more fit you get the more likely you will get a handle on your BG’s without other drugs but if you need other medications then that’s just what you need and insulin is not as scary as you may think. You just need to be careful of lows and check your BG more frequently when on it. You will probably get a lot more tips and responses if you start your own thread BTW.


I am on 500 mg once a day… My carb intake in under 50 gm per day… I am trying to get in under 20… but eating broccoli 3 times a day become’s a lil too… much…I dont want to start insulin hence I have search for this platform to get some good recommendations.


Well I would talk to my Dr. about increasing the metformin dose and 50 carbs per day is already very low carb by most standards. You may want to look up low carb or keto recipes on websites like pinterest if you are bored with what you’ve been eating this week. There are lots of fun delicious recipes to eat on a low carb diet that if you are a decent cook you won’t get fed up with it.

Insulin shouldn’t be a last resort because it is the thing your body is not able to make enough of. If you had some other sort of hormonal deficiency would you refuse to take the hormone because you think you should just tough it out? There are several type 2s on this site who decided to go on insulin and have not regretted it. I’m a type 1 and let me tell you without adequate amounts of it life really is terrible so don’t fear it if diet and oral meds don’t do enough.

Since I’ve replied to you a few times now the site will make me start sending you private messages unless you start your own thread so please :pray: make your own thread so that you will get all responses.


Hi, I am just curious to know why changes in diet and exercise will not work for type 2 diabetes when it is well known that it is actually a lifestyle disease.

Perhaps it is necessary for each diabetic to first figure out the root cause of his or her own type 2 diabetes - food, exercise, stress, obesity, etc.

I strongly believe that lifestyle or dietary changes will work if the root is detected and killed, so the fruit(type 2 diabetes) will automatically be killed.