What if my doctor was wrong about my diagnoses of diabetes, what if I am pre-diabetic?

Doesn’t really matter. You need to get your BG down to normal levels so it’s better to have the diagnosis so that you can get the medication and supplies that you need. Often with pre-diabetes, doctors are way too casual and tell people to come back in a year by which time the pancreas is worn out. If, by some chance, you really are pre-diabetic, acting now can be your best chance to preserve your beta cell function.

Thanks for your reply. I feel that it is important to know if the diagnoses is diabetes or pre-diabetic. The result would make a huge difference in obtaining life insurance, discrimination in the workforce, and just for peace of mind. I realize the importance of taking care of the situation at hand, but I have to tell you that pre-diabetes is definately the best diagnoses. At least there is the chance of prolonging the inevitable dreaded disease, I guess it would be like a second chance to redeem one’s bad habit of overindulging. I’m just not sure how to approach my physician with this doubt.

I would ask what s/he based the diagnosis on. Is it Type 2? Do you have fasting BG over 126, or did you have a glucose tolerance test done? If your blood glucose numbers fit the diagnosis then I don’t think there is anything you can do, but if your numbers are borderline, you can ask the doctor to make the change.

I know th american diet of pizza and hamburgers may not be the ideal diet, but 94% of the population does not contract diabetes. So, I am pretty sure you did not eat your way to diabetes. All you diagnosis meant is you need to make changes to you diet that will reduce post prandial spikes. by making these changes now, you may never develop BS numbers high enough to cause you proplems andin the mean timedrop your A1C down into the 5% range. Make the changes now and I’m sure you will never have a problem with insurance coverage.
If you do not have a glucometer, buy one and check your Blood after breakfast or some other meal for a week. Make notes of what spikes your BS. Once you have everything under control you should spot check your BS periodically. I am suggesting this as a possible course of action because you do not say what your age is, so the possibility exists that you may be LADA.

A dagnosis at your stage of diabetes is a blessing in disguise. By taking control of your diabetes now you stand to significantly improve your health.
best wishes
danny weems

I have heard someone compare pre-diabetes to being “almost pregnant”, implying that you either have diabetes or you do not. There are varying opinions on this. But many people argue that “pre-diabetes” is just another way to say diabetes that was detected early. You can have such good control that you can achieve normal blood sugar levels, but you would still be diabetic.

Although a diagnosis of diabetes is always tough, early detection is great because then you have the chance to learn how to manage your diabetes before your blood sugar numbers get extremely high.

As more people are diagnosed with diabetes, we hope that more people will gain awareness about diabetes and realize that most of the time it is not something that the patient chooses or could have prevented.

If you are proactive, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and have great blood sugars. In my opinion, it is good that you doctor is taking this seriously. If you have concerns about life insurance and discrimination in the workplace, search through old discussions in the Forum or feel free to post more discussions. If you choose to be open about your diabetes, I think that you will find that many of the people around you are touched by diabetes and you are not alone! Unfortunately many people are misinformed about diabetes, but education is the only way to change that.

I’m glad that you joined our community and I hope it will be a great resource to you in finding a healthy lifestyle with your diabetes!