Dialete? Diabelete?

I'm trying to coin a new term for diabetic intense controller. No, this is not a diabetic athelete, although there are many. Rather, I wanted to see if we could come up with a "handle" for US -- those of us who take on BG control as a project, a hobby, an intense interest.

To me, an engineer by training, managing my BG is a challenging on-going project that I get some enjoyment out of. Engineers like to solve problems, and the better we solve them, the happier we are. Nirvana is that clever, possibly patentable approach that yields exceptional results.

While I'm not seeking a patent for intramuscular injections, you can see the
"engineer" in me with all the screwing around I'm doing with that method.

Anyway, it got me thinking it would be great if we could define some sort of person like this, and grand designs, maybe an organization some day. Something that physicians, if they're interested, could be a part of. Then, those of us who want to go farther -- much farther -- than the "standard" treatment modes would have a place to belong, a way to seek out supportive doctors, etc.

I don't really like "Dialete" and "Diabelete", but that was my best attempt at comping up with an "athlete managing their diabetes". The whole analogy may be wrong, so toss that if you like.

I'm looking for ideas!

I like "Normalism" for the general goal of making one's BG closer to normal than either the recommendations of doctors or than they are now. Or, if they "measure" as more normal, to make them smoother, flatter, less intrusive.

To me, calling it normal sort of pokes fun the allegations that people with diabetes working to normalize their BG are wing nuts or crazy or engaged in unwarranted risk taking or various other things that occasionally come up. I also would make that relative as someone who's in situation where they're struggling shouldn't expect to go from 10 to 5 A1C overnight but work to learn the problem solving paradigm that considers how to make measured (ha ha), incremental progress towards improvement and the good feelings that go along with it.

I like a spy number...Agent 99 was such an awesome name for a Control Spy! But make mine Agent 87 instead :)

Not sure if this answers your question or if I understand it fully but my cde recently told me you are "more than a pancreas" referring to think like a pancreas, lol.

I have always used the term, "Normoglycemist" as that expresses my goal/target. I am getting close but not quite there yet (I did have one A1c test of 4.4% but my average over the last 3.5 years is expressed in my avatar).

There's already a term for what you've described. It's called "Mother of a Child with T1D". :)

What about using your engineer analogy and trying to combine that word with something? I think engineer would be a more accurate term than athlete...

I like meee's idea - "more than a pancreas". Could this be IT! mortap instead of mortal. Or add an I and it could be imortap.

Sugar Jockey.

lol... I like it imortap, maybe I will have a t shirt printed with it :-)

we can write a song too to the music of "more than a feeling"...

great one :-)

When I see my data flatline, I am calling it "the terry phenomenon," because he was the first one who showed me that the data could do that.

Geeze, Dave, does no such thing exist? Are there any institutions that will look at the data and try to figure it out? I feel like I'm doing 'guess and check' math. If I ever figure this stuff out to any degree, I will demand a promotion within the diabetic army - from private E-1 to private E-2. We could call the flatliner unicorns, Master Sergeants.

I like “Non-compliant”.

As in the endo clinician complaining that his patient has a great A1c, excellent day-to-day in-range numbers with few lows but dammit, "he won't comply with my instructions!"

Thank-you, mohe.

You got me chasing unicorns that I aint never gonna catch, but its nice to know that unicorns exist, Terry. Although, today, I view you as having mastery over a dark sort of magic. Witchcraft! Witches!

You know too much to deny you were that patient.

I've always been a fan of "diabadass". I know it's not original...but a good copy is better than a bad original.