Diasend ... Windows 10 ... unable to download Animas Ping

I have been trying to get my Ping to download … am hitting a brick wall. Have contacted Diasend to see if they have a fix (didn’t find anything on their website). Very frustrating. My next step is to call up CDE … who has requested this info for my first time EVER in about 30+ years in meeting up with an endo who gets insulin pumps (will be video conference call as their is no endo’s with knowledge of pumping in my small town in). Maybe the CDE still has compatible Windows program. Next step is to see if I can at least download my Dexcom G4 and blood meters into Diasend. What usually is easy … is dang frustrating (and I’m glad it’s a quiet work day today … so I can not break down on a client due to problems with Diasend).

Update - just heard back from Diasend … I do not have the right cable … the one I have a present only works with Windows 7 … therefore Jen at Diasend advised me if I still have a system running on Windows 7 - which I do … for now this is the only way to download the info to Diasend. Hmmm, interesting to know, since Animas and not Diasend is the one that provides the cable for downloading (I did not know this until now). All I can say is, the quickness of the reply call from Diasend … along with them giving me their personal mobile number incase I still have problems … awesome!!!

Now to see if Animas Canada is as understanding with shipping the new cable to me … which no doubt will cost … but as usual … what doesn’t these days with our health care that keeps us out of the ER and not clogging up our medical system.

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Glad that is sorted out for you – AND, you’ve apparently helped me figure out why I CAN download my Vibe from my Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 laptops, but NOT on my Windows 7 machine. I apparently have a cable that is not compatible with Windows 7. I won’t worry about it, though. Thanks.

Fun times, eh?