Did anyone else get a survey from Medronics?

Medtronics sent me an email for a survey. After completion, they are sending me a $20 visa card and a free ($20 value) skin of my choice.

I got it, filled it out, Nothing in email or the snail mail as way of the “reward”. It has been 3 weeks.

God BLess,

What is a skin???

a little strech vinyl cover with designs on it. I think they make them for cell-phones,mp3 players an ipods,as well…
Just a bit of techno-cutesie fluff for small personal electronics.

God Bless,

Zoe re skin question : I did receive a card with pin number for a free skin at the CDA/CSEM Professional Conference , Edmonton , Canada ; my plan is to put a picture of our Rottie Penny and foster cat Mushpuppy on the skin . I am getting stuck sending my home address to MM , USA …left a message on their voice mail . My present skin is a Canadian flag .These things last and last …at least 3 1/2 years covering my MM 522 ; try : www.medtronic.skinit.com