Did anyone need to have additional shots of insulin?

Hi Everyone!

I am currently 26 weeks (almost 3rd trimester...yay) and of course like many of you have, I am experiencing a lot of insulin resistance. My question is...did any of you have to take additional shots of insulin to cover your meals? I already have a carb ratio of 1:2 for certain times of the day. What happens if you end up needing more than 1:1 for a meal because my pump doesn't go lower than that (nor does it let me bolus for more than 25 units of insulin so I have to go in behind it if I need more for a meal). My correction factor is also already at a 15 and I'm taking around 150 units a day total! (trying not to focus on that as much because if I need it I need it). Did any of you run into this? Thanks in advance for your help!

I have a medtronic paradigm, and late in pregnancy was refilling the reservoir (but leaving the infusion site) 1-2 times a day. You can't do that with some pumps, but I didn't realize until I was pregnant that it was possible at all with my pump.

I also have a medtronic pump and switched out the resevoir every 1 1/2 days. I also experimented with taking a shot in addition to my pump but just for breakfast. I kind of hated it, so I just changed my resevoir more often, like every day towards the end. I think you just have to figure out what works best for you and don't feel bad if you take extra shots or anything! You learn a lot more about your pump and what it can or can't do when your preggers. My pump wouldn't let me do a 1:1 ratio, so I just would enter everything manually.

Oh yes. In my weeks up to delivery I ended up starting at 3 shots per day to another 1 to 3 shots extra for meals plus my long acting was split to a morning and afternoon dose. I'm glad that this time around when we get pregnant I will be on an insulin pump instead of having to take all those shots.

Wow! Thanks for the warning! My doctor mentioned insulin resistance coming up soon, but she didn't say it would be that much. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!

I've been dealing with this as well! I am currently 28 weeks, and have upped my ratios quite a bit (1:4 for breakfast, 1:6 for lunch/dinner). I wear an omnipod and was finding that I was running out of insulin before it was time for a site change. My endo recommended that I supplement my mealtime bolus with a kwikpen. He also reminded me that it might be more effective for my boluses, since I would be rotating the site with the use of a pen, and with the pump, your body builds up a little resistance around the injection site. I've been injecting this way for the past few days and the results have been great! With all this insulin, and huge boluses, I worry that I'm doing something wrong, even though, I know this is supposed to happen. My endo reminds me that insulin resistance is the sign of a healthy placenta. I guess there's always a silver lining!

Hope all goes well for you!

I'm at the same place with insulin resistance and after several few rocky weeks (between 22-26 wks), seem to have it figured out, at least for now!

I am refilling my pump reservoir every other day but changing the entire set every 3rd day and bolusing like crazy- along with much higher basil rates- to make sure my BG levels are in check.

I am also trying to cut out more problematic foods, which I probably should have done a long time ago :) and focus on high nutrition meats and veggies with lower carbs. I will never cut out all carbs, especially during pregnancy, but for weight and BG reasons, this is the right decision for me.

Good luck to everyone! Here is to a new crew of happy, healthy Mommas and babies on TuDiabetes!!!

Ugh. . . So I freaked out when at 23 weeks I was having horrible lows. I lowered my basals and that fixed the problem. Yesterday it appears that at nearly 32 weeks the insulin resistance has caught up with me. I was double covering for my morning carbs and needed to triple cover and my sugars were still off. Then for lunch I have 1 cup cottage cheese and some no sugar added peaches (18 carbs) covered for 36. Usually I have some borderline lows in the late afternoon (4 pm ish) and at 4:30 I was 95. Ugh. I was 160 before dinner (my sugars bumped from a 15 carb snack) I had a salad for dinner and skyrocketed to 200 for 2+ hours. I even took the max bolus 25 units. Then later that night I needed 15 more units just to correct back down after dinner. I had not eaten anything else.

I am trying to be more conservative with how many carbs I have at a sitting since I seem to be spiking so quickly meals. I see the endo on Tuesday. But yikes it is as if my body decided to make up for 8 weeks of no real insulin resistance in one day.