Did Dexcom make the right G6 choice?


Yes - just as easily.


@Terry4 I have an update. My daughter called Dexcom to try to find in-network suppliers. The plan was to call each one to ask for a G4. We had a lucky day. Dexcom is back in network. My daughter asked for a G4 & the sales rep told her they were only shipping the G5. My daughter told her she wasn’t interested & thanked her for her time. The sales rep asked her to hold, & came back agreeing to ship a G4. The receiver is no longer available in colors. It will be here Tuesday.


It’s good to read that Dexcom is now your daughter’s supplier and can still ship the G4. For me, the longer, the better.

I’m saving my old G4 transmitters because I know there are people out there who can replace the batteries and you can get another full run out of the transmitter.


I’m actually preparing to send a transmitter for battery replacement. I’m keeping an eye out for someone who does the same with the receiver. I have 2 still working but without sound.


And possibly the speaker as well.


Hoo boy. Good luck & report back on actual version.
I have a G5 & love it.


Spoke with my supplier today. They had a visit from a Dexcom rep last week who confirmed that they will continue to support the G4 (even though they’d prefer not to!) at least until the last t:slim/G4 user is out of warranty. That’s sensors, transmitters, and (she believed) even receivers.
They will not attempt to force-update and Vibe or t:slim/G4 users.

The particular Dexcom rep is T1D and currently using a G6.


That would give about 2-1/2 years? Until October 2020?
Based on the Tandem t:slim X2 shipping out in October 2016 and the assumption that the original t:slim was no longer shipping. (And a 4 year warranty)


Thanks for that news @Thas. I hope that gives the G5/G6/new receiver/Medicare dust some time to settle. That is, I’m hoping Medicare will do the right thing by that time and permit secondary connection of a smart-phone app to the G5 or G6 transmitter.


We received the new G4 yesterday.

I set her phone up with xdrip+ last night, so non-working receiver speakers are no longer a worry. As my daughter told the Dexcom sales rep, there’s really no advantage for her to upgrade since her phone is not compatible with Share. The only difference for her would be the additional cost of replacing transmitters more often. Definitely not a plus.

I think it’s great so many are happy with the G5. It’s even better that we have still have choices, at least for a while.


Sorry, my reply was meant because they are specifically not allowed to ship a G4 (My wife works for Dexcom) so I was positive you were set up for a disappointment.

Great for you!

Not sure what the outcome will be for the employee though.


They would have lost a customer to Libre if we didn’t get the G4. I suspect we’re not the only ones who feel this way. Dexcom likes to talk about improving access but with each generation the costs have gone up. Eventually some of us will reach the financial breaking point. I know we’re hovering there already.


Honestly I can’t even imagine that Senseonics would be any type of competition for Dexcom or the Libre for that matter. The three-month sensor life is great but the insertion/removal procedure would be a deal breaker for lots of people.


True. But look forward. The 180-day version (XL) is already approved and being used in Europe. Senseonics although still awaiting FDA approval on the 90-day version (after unanimous vote of approval by the advisory panel) has stated intention to quickly follow-up with a submission to the FDA for the 180-day version.
Further, Senseonics is working on a 1-year version although timeframe to submit for approval in either Europe or US FDA has not been announced.

In any event, IMHO, a 1-year implant would substantially change how many people view this product (as compared to the 90-day version).


I wonder if the G6 has a new sensor or is it the same sensor with better algorithms?



The G6 has a new sensor.


The G6 applicator is a bulky chunk of plastic that goes straight to the landfill after a single use. That alone is a huge waste. More non-recyclable medical waste! Uggghh…


While I don’t defend Dexcom’s choice here, it is no worse than their single use and disposable G4/G5 sensor applicators.


How do you hang in there when the receiver poops out?


Would you be able to elaborate?