Did Jaeb publish yet?

There’s this…Open Source Medical Device Safety: Loop Artificial Pancreas Case Report* - IEEE Conference Publication

But, I’m looking around for the Jaeb Publication. They thought it might be out by around the New Year.

I took part in the Jaeb DIY Loop observational study. The last I heard about it was the release of interim results at the ATTD conference in Madrid during February 2020. I seem to remember reading that final results expected release later in the year.

Perhaps the Covid pandemic has delayed work on this. I do know that the non-profit, Tidepool, has applied for the FDA to examine its offering for software, Tidepool Loop, it hopes to gain the FDA’s interoperable automated glycemic controller (iAGC) designation. This application was submitted to the FDA on January 7, 2021.

I believe that Tidepool’s application referred to data reported by the Jaeb observational study to bolster Tidepool Loop’s candidacy for the iAGC designation.

It just must be delayed. Don’t let me forget about it. I wanna read it once it comes out. But, I don’t want to bother them by writing to them to ask. I bet they notify us once its out. Just checking…