Did you ever have a VISION? :) or DREAM! become a reality

I have had many dreams and Visons in my lifetime. The most recent was when I was in sugery .A couple of weeks ago. I heard them say it was takening me a long time to wake up after surgery but that was because I was surrounded by everyone I loved that left Earth and i did not want to come back. They said my mission was not done here. So i saw a bright LIGHT! and then i heard a nurse say Welcome back your all done.Wow! That was truely AMAZEING! I hope to continue to have Visions. Then as I was watching OPERA! I decided to start makeing a vision board in Hopes! they will come true with my FAITH in him. My DREAM is to stay in the MAGIC KINGDOM AT THE CASTLE the week of my birthday there that way all my realitives that passes away can be there because that castle is the highest to yours truely and them. My next dream would be to meet DAVID COOK AND HSM GET IN PICTURE STUDENTS.And the reality would be A CURE! FOR ALL.