Did you exercise today?

Yes, 30 on the treadmill and 30 on the elliptical with great music on my ipod

Dena, good job finding this post! =) I got in a brisk 20 minute walk before dark, after an appointment!

i did chest today and felt like crap no energy and burnt out really fast to, i had to change my insulin to carb ratio again this week to 3 to 1 down from 8 to 1 the last few months i pretty much got it leveld out again but now all of a sudden ive been haveing alot of trouble with the highs after breakfast.

I am about to go for a 3 mile run. I have been running for 2 years and try to run every other day depending on my work schedule.

I went to Gameworks and worked up a sweat playing a video game.

I walk two miles six times a week, weather permitting. My Pomeranian goes with me.

I will do a 30 mile bike ride. I do need to stretch today. My muscles are tight. I rode 22 miles yesterday at 18 mph.

Yep! Got to the gym by 6:45 a.m. I did the treadmill…only 1.80 miles…just because I was tired…did a few weights and called it a day.

Okay, okay. Everytime I see this I think just get out there and do it. You know it makes you feel so much better and your bloodsugars are easier to manage. Thanks for the inspiration Karen. Back on my bike again I go.

LOL!! At least it is not sitting in front of your TV! =)

Just did my 2 mile walk and 15 carbs again 1/2 banana.

I am glad I inspired someone, as I am really struggling with life these days, but trying to get my walk in.

Mike I am having extreme highs after breakfast as well, back to looking at my basal and/or bolus again, or both, dang it.

i went to volleyball for an hour and a half :slight_smile: lots of fun

I rode my bike to work and back. I do it five days a week and sometimes on weekends too. It’s an easy 20 minutes slightly downhill in the mornings … and once I’m there, I’m pretty much forced to ride at least 30-35 minutes uphill at the end of the day, because it’s the only way to get back home! It works well for me because there’s no way to flake out – I can always find an excuse to Not go to the gym, but I draw the line at staying all night at my office just cause I’m too lazy to ride home …

I also spent about 40 minutes picking up the apples we’ve been thinning off our trees, and carting them back to the field for the deer to eat. That felt good – bending and stretching to pick them up, then pushing the heavy wheelbarrow back and forth from the field.

Also, I just ate three big bites of ice cream so will probably put in a movie and spend some time on the treadmill before I go to bed. Haagen Dazs Five Ginger – my latest guilty pleasure, but it’s SO worth it.

bicycle ride for 30 minutes, wonderful morning.

I love what I do for exercise. I swim four days a week, and use the NuStep Bike three times a week, mainly because the clinic where the bike is, isn’t open on the weekends. It was VERY hard to find something that would strengthen my knees, not damage them any more than they were, and build them up in case I do have to have surgery in the future. This was perfect. AND swimming, what can I say, I should have been a mermaid. I didn’t start seeing any changes in BG’s until after I really committed to the exercise. Plus, I can say that this exercise helped me to lose the 52 lbs I have lost. Did I exercise today, Tuesday is swimming and yes I did…45 minutes of laps and 30 minutes of water exercises and walking.

george has been to the gym today which he really loves…and later on will be taking the dog 4 a walk if the rain keeps off …he all so like to go swimming…with his sisters…and playing football …janet

today I walked 18 holes and rode my bike 31 miles at 17 mph. Tomorrow I hope to run 3 miles in the morning and ride 30 miles on my bike. I am hoping to increase my vo2max. I want to ride faster.

John you are amazing, I want proof of all this exercise, pictures please. :slight_smile:

Got up. Tested–74. Ran two miles (with a tube of glucose tabs in my hand) and finished with a brief cool down walk. Tested–110. Hmmm.

I didn’t get my run in because of the rain but I did ride 30 miles and burned 1900 cal.