Did you have Hepatitis B vaccination within ca 1,5 year prior to onset D T1?

I was very recently diagnosed with T1. This spring I had 2 rounds of Hep B vaccination. I have been reading alot about the disease on the internet and found an Italian study from ca 2000 that pointed to 2,5 more T1 diabetes developping in group of kids 400 000 ( age 12-15 at vaccination) compared to a similar size control group who was not vaccinated. I think Hep B might be one (of more) triggers! I am very curious to know if anyone in this forum can relate to this!

In my opinion: T1 is caused by rogue T cells of the immune system - a genetic predisposition. Higher awareness of these cells will likely increase their destructive reaction on the insulet cells. Therefore every action that is stimulating the immune system can be considered as a trigger. Patients that have developed T1 after receiving the Hep B vaccination will likely have developed it within few years anyway. The stimulus has just brought forward the time of manifestation.

Hi! I have to read more on these “rogue T-cells”. By the way I was BCG vaccinated ( together with all of the kids in Norwegian schools) at 12 years of age. Still the Scandinavian countries have very high incidences of diabetes T1 ( Yet alot of them have an onset before age 12).

I don’t believe every stimulation of the immune system can be considered a trigger for type 1 diabetes. There is no evidence Hepatitis B vaccines can trigger type 1 diabetes. There is evidence that vaccines do not cause or trigger type 1.

You can read about it here:


No, my Type 1 was not triggered by Hep B vaccination.