Diet help

I am using levemir flex pens, with 22 units in the morning and 20 at night. Before I was diagnosed I lost a lot, a lot of weight, since I am injecting I have gone back to normal weight - plus a bit more.

I am looking for sources or general advice on good meals, and food ideas.....

Diet is a very individual choice. It is really hard to make any suggestions without knowing more about your background and goals? I gather you are male and T2. But do you want to gain weight or lose weight? Do you want to improve your blood sugar control? Do you have after meal rises? Do you have hypos? Do you enjoy food? What kinds of food? Do you like to eat animals or plants or both? Do you like to cook?

I am male and T2

I am really looking to lose a little weight, although it isn't the main focus. I want to maintain good blood levels and just feel a little in control of this thing...

I do like to eat but I am easy going I am open to most foods and don't feel restricted by cutting out certain things. Once a week I have a little endulgance, but even then I am pretty well disciplined.

My wife is a good cook - I am kitchen banned most of the time. I eat anything pretty much..!

Have you tried a lower carb diet? Try substituting non-starchy veggies for starchy sides during your meals. For instance, instead of rice, choose a salad or green beans.

I am with bsc less carbs = less insulin = less wt. and better BS

Another substitution is mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes. really drops the carbs. If calories are not the issue you can top it with butter and sour cream or no-fat plain greek yogurt (tastes a lot like sour cream).

There are a lots of low-carb recipe books these days, given the popularity of the Atkins and South Beach diets. I've found some good ones in "500 low carb recipes"

And if you really want to go all out, you can try Bernstein's diet - only 30 g or so of carb a day.

I haven't tried that yet.

But as others have said, lowering the amount of carb you eat dramatically reduces BG swings and can reduce the amount of insulin you need.

The only thing i have to say against going Akins is all the fake junk in his diet - for me - outside of some nuts and canned olives - if it will not go bad if left for more than 2 wks i dont eat it- real food is better and does not stay around long (think about how slimmy salad gets after a while or how milk smells or meat looks , real food needs to be eaten to ensure quality health)