Diet plan join me for good health

Boiled cauliflower and whole wheat roti
Tomato syrup. Fresh tomatoes paste cooked on low flame

Boiled cabbage.

Limited oil to only 1or 2 tea spoons for full day.

Next day add boiled egg white to breakfast

Be generous with beans like green beans and kidney beans.

Boiled cabbage for dinner? Not even a little bacon? That is harsh.

That doesn't sound appetizing at all! I'll stick to eggs and bacon, beef jerky with celery and peanut butter, and salad and salmon. :)

Most of those choices give me a nasty blood sugar spike...."Eat to your meter" is my only rule. We are all different in how we react to certain foods. Glad for you if this works for you...Blessings.....


I started my morning with a bowl of fresh boiled cauliflower with one tomato added to it.. I feel full.. I am planning to lose another 30 pounds in next few months. Before starting on diet plan few months back I used to eat all the junk food. Cola.. kfc. Pizza.. cheese... I had lost control.. With sugar level of 600. Now i feel much better.. i have stopped taking insulin and take oral medicine just once in a day.. this diet is harsh but with excellent results

Just to add.. if you can??. Cook for yourself.. Green and kidney beans are my favourite. Easy to cook..

I'm so glad this is working for you, Shoki. Just be aware as you interact, that what works for you may be very bad for others. We are all so different. But this seems a very wonderful pathway for you. And you get to do it with foods you like---that is very important!....Blessings...

Yes thanks.. this worked for me. Utilimate authority would be your dietitian.. idea is to move to natural vegetables.

Shoki- Are you kidney beans from a can? I am starting to rise all my canned beans to get less salt.

I use dried kidney beans. I prefer them over canned.

I have just cut two cucumbers into small slices and added few drops of lime. Looks awesome… freshness and taste of a cucumber is incredible.