Dietary Guidelines for Americans

I've run into a couple of people (no D, but still, they are people...) who have been rx'ed less carbs by their MDs so it may be catching on. These docs, of course, may be operating outside of whatever the guidelines are but I'd consider it progress of sorts.

Lots of celebrities doing LCHF, ketogenic and paleo in the popular press

From the same place that sells kosher bacon and shrimp. 60% from grain? Give me a break!!

I was told to eat 300 carbs a day from the dietician a couple months after diagnosis, which is impossible to do without loading up on simple carbs and other 'junk' food that NOBODY should be eating. Ive pretty much lost all faith in the medical field when it comes to nutrition and will definitely never see a dietician again, unless conventional wisdom would miraculously change its course and start endorsing low carb diets.
Good thing we have the god-given ability to reason and make our own decisions!

Shawn, What year was this? I hope they're not continuing to offer such bad advice.

Those of us on these sites do have the ability to reason and decide what diet works best for us. The sad thing is that there are a lot of people who don't have that ability, or who don't have access to information that is the opposite of what that uninformed dietician told you.

"unless conventional wisdom would miraculously change its course and start endorsing low carb diets."

One thing that could contribute to this miracle would be to sign the petition about the DGA and tell other people about it. If very few people sign it, the govt will take this as proof that current high-carb guidelines are fine.

Your best bet is to ignore dieticians and use your meter to find out what works for you.

There are a lot of myths in nutrition. If you are low in potassium, your doctor will tell you to eat bananas. But there's more potassium in vegetables like spinach than in a banana, and bananas will spike BG.

There are vitamins and minerals in whole grains, but there are also toxins and antinutrients like phytates. You can get your vitamins and minerals from other foods.

You're not confused. Your dietician is.

I can't remember who said it, but this should be carved in stone: The dietary guidelines we have had drilled into us for the past half century or so are not science. They're politics.

Even if you want to get your potassium from fruit, you can do better than bananas. Cantaloupe, for instance.

Trying to refrain from starting a rant here . . . humans are not evolved or engineered to process much grain. We didn't begin eating it in significant amounts until agriculture was invented, and that has only been 10,000 years or so. Evolution doesn't work anywhere near that fast.

this was 2 1/2 yrs ago, so not that long. im sure nothing has changed since then.