Dietitian Appointment

Well yesterday I had my first post-diagnosis appointment with a dietitian. She wants me to do what I consider a high-carb diet, with no less than 130g of carbs per day, and preferrably 160g. She wants me to get at least 45g of carbs at each meal (3-4 servings of carbs per meal). She also wants me to be on an 1800kcal diet, for weight loss.

I don’t really buy that my BG levels will stay down doing this diet, but I will try it. For the first week I am going to concentrate on the carb servings, and then the second week I will also track calories, after I get a good feel for how much carb this is per meal.

Yesterday for dinner I had a pork chop, 1 cup of broccoli (with cheese), and 1 cup (!) of mashed potatoes. That was after I had worked out for 45 minutes a few hours earlier, then I did Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii for about 20 minutes right before checking my BG two hours after eating. It was 85. After 1c of mashed potatoes. So I don’t know what to think.

I’ve got about 10 minutes before I check my post-breakfast BG. I didn’t feel like having cereal for breakfast and there was no bread (DH has to make more), so I had 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, and 1c of leftover mashed potatoes. That was only two servings of carbs so I stopped and got a small cheese danish on my way to work for another 2 carb servings. So I’m very curious to see what my BG will be.

Hello, Misty. I tried the ADA diet for about 9 months after diagnosis and couldn’t figure out why I was always hungry. Finally, I switched to a mediteranean diet. It was counter intuitive because I also have high cholesterol and high Bpressure and increasing fats and protein didn’t make sense, but viola. I started losing weight, and my cholesterol numbers moved in the right direction. I don’t follow a rigid diet. It is too expensive, but I’m working on it.
Anhyway, follow docs orders thru a couple of months and if results are not good try the mediteranean diet. for a few months.

Thanks Danny! I will look into it. I love that style of food so maybe it would work for me!