Different Meter Readings

I have the one touch meter that coordinates with my pump. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the readings were off. I would test and it said 190 but I felt low and I would change the lancet and retest right away and it read 60. This happened a couple more times so I contacted the company and they sent me a new meter. Now just out of curiosity I tested my blood last night and at first it read 97 then I did it a minute later and it read 137, so which is it? I wonder if this is whats always happened but I never tested it a minute later. I am curious to see if it happens to anyone else, so if you dont mind could you test your blood, then change the lancet and retest a minute later and see what the difference is in readings. Thanks.

Meters can be off by about 20%. So it is possible that your blood sugar was around 115 and both of these readings are 20% off in different directions. A few tips to improve the accuracy of the blood sugar testing:

  • wash your hands with soap and water and be sure they are completely dry (I actually don’t do this before every time I test)
  • use the second drop of blood. Squeeze out one drop and wipe it off with gauze, then squeeze out a second drop to test with ( the first drop has skin tissue cells in it which can make the reading inaccurate).

Glad that you got a new meter!

If the meter number is different from what I expect or feel I retest again. Sometimes the blood in the upper parts of the fingers has still a BG of 110 when the blood stream is already at 65. So for the next test I shake my hand to increase the blood flow to the fingers.

one time i tested and got a 97, but was feeling low so i tested again and got a 26…that was a scary night.

Personally I use two meters from two different manufactures at times. I am a T2 and not on a pump though. I use a Accura Compact and the Nova Max. I sometimes have lows in the morning after my medication and find the Accura reads closer to how my body is feeling when I get Hypo. In essence I have a low and high meter. There is always a 20 point difference in the readings which gives me a sudo calibration. I will then average my readings between the two. These meters are not hard science and only gives one a guide. If I feel Hypo I treat it, the meter reading be dammed. Hopefully in the next 5 years the technology will improve with greater accuracy. Thanks Holger too for that tip. I will try that to see if I can get both my meters closer to one another.