Digital med tags

So, here is the link to the product that the epilepsy folks recommended. It is said to link to a much larger medical record than traditional ‘dog tags’ can provide. Digital medical alert

This is interesting, I like this idea but it would be my luck that the paramedic forgot his/her phone the day I need him/her. This would be a good addition to a traditional med alert tag.

hehehe, I’ve had them forget their BG machine. But, they just made me a sandwhich. No problems. It was an epileptic seizure, not a diabetic one, anyway. God love EMS.

I like the Medic Alert brand bracelets because they have the engraving but also a link to a more comprehensive medical record, emergency contacts, and contact information for your specialists. I’ve been a member long enough that I have a “lifetime” membership that is free. I would be nervous that a purely digital medical tag with no engraving would not be scanned and therefore people would miss the information. I have my potentially life-threatening conditions engraved on my bracelet, and the rest can be accessed by phone.

That’s what I kinda thought. I thought about having a ‘dog tag’ with the medical record link engraved. I think that would be best.